Benefits that move the needle. 

Flexible Family Benefits

We create communities to support working parents and their children ensuring more balanced families and more productive employees.
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Give your employees day to day support. Community & Connections

 Omode’ is an award-winning education platform that offers an innovative approach to contemporary learning connecting families with the right programs for their children. Through our HR Benefits Program, we create a community hub of educators and service providers to support families in your corporation. 




Only 36% of employees are engaged at work. 

Disengaged employers cost corporations over 500 billion dollars a year!

Employers can increase profitability by 21% when employees are highly engaged. 

The Disconnect

One in three employees have children under the age of 18. Parents have two full time jobs often affecting work at home and work at work. Two Jobs

Benefits that move the needle

Omode' Corporate Wellness provides employees' families access to flexible educational experiences alleviating many child care related concerns.

As SEen IN
47 Million Women Across the Globe have dropped out of the labor force since the Pandemic

Give your employees benefits to support the WHOLE family